The Ways You Can Use Kratom

Kratom leaves are known as a herbal drug and used in traditional medication methods. At low doses, it acts as a stimulant, and at high doses, it becomes sedative in nature which is good for pain killing, medication for opiate addiction and treatment for diarrhea.

Moreover, kratom may create the high euphoria that is similar to the properties of opioid effects. If you have been taking kratom regularly over a period or in even higher doses, it may cause an addiction to and dependence on the drug.


  • Bali: Bali kratom becomes sedative and very tranquil at higher quantities, while it allows for a more motivating and encouraging effect when consumed in low doses.
  • Thai: Thai kratom effects are referred as longest lasting. A standard dosage contains 3-5 grams. It is the most anesthetizing of all kratom strains.
  • Malaysia: Malaysian kratom is identical to Bali in effects.
  • Maeng Da: Maeng Da kratom is originated from Thailand and the most potent strain you can find today. It caused energizing effects and is low euphoric than other strains.

How To Drink The Powdered?

  • Add about 7 grams powdered kratom to a glass of water.
  • Mix carefully and dissolve the whole powder entirely then swallow the mixture hastily. Add more water to the glass to drink the leftover that fixed to the edges.
  • Stir again and drink.

Make Powdered Kratom Paste To Drink:

  • Put a measured quantity of kratom powder in a small empty mug and make a soft paste by adding just enough water to it. All you need is to blend the mixture for some minutes waiting for the powder fully grip the water to make a well-standardized paste.
  • Take water in a separate glass and fill a spoon with an easy-to-swallow portion of dough and take in with a big water sip to drink it down. Never swallow too much quantity at once repeat the procedure up to you have taken the full dosage.
  • When you have to drink it all, you can use a little fruit juice to drive out the unpleasant taste because it’s like sipping a nasty feeling, slightly stringy smoothie. Therefore it’s better to have it in the form of capsules.

Use Capsules:

You can get it in the form of tincture, extract, powder and capsules. Typically, it is used up as powder or tablets. The powder is filled in capsules and then consumed the cause is that Kratom has a very nasty and vicious flavor in the raw powder shape, so it is preferred to take the capsules.

  • Capsules are easy to use anywhere at any time because it is convenient to move and swallow. Capsules have no bitter and unpleasant flavor just like the powder but are as effective as powdered.
  • It is not essential to measure out the quantity each time before taking in because the doses are measured accurately.

Available Kratom Capsules:

Usually, you will find two types of Kratom capsules.

Vegetarian Capsules:

  • Kratom is the substitute to chemical options with plant based capsules. Manufacturing includes Hypromellose that plants fibers and free from gluten as well as preservatives made with solvent chemicals and plant cellulose.
  • The vegetarian capsules also named as gelatin capsules and veggie capsules derivate from animal source and plant source respectively.

Veggie capsules:

  • These are made from hypromellose and a great substitute to the gelatin capsules and easy to digest because they hold cellulose and purified water contain no gluten so liquefy speedily in the body, therefore, provide fast effects.
  • These vegetarian-friendly capsules have the synthetic compound and are veggie because of non-animal, non-GMO, and free of additives and stabilizers also Halal licensed.

Gelatin capsules:

  • These contain the extras up to they reach the stomach where they melt, and the extras are out from the cover. They are more in use than the veggie ones.


Their use is debated nowadays as per animal by-products are used in the preparation which holds the compounds that are given to eat. However, they are very inexpensive but controversial. Usually, they are thought injurious and risky to the body as lots of individuals are sensitive against.