Kratom Green Malay Crushed Leaf VS Powder

Green Malay Kratom is one of the favorites of everyone, as it combines many interesting effects:

  • Quite strong euphoric effects
  • A dose of energy as it has mild energizing effects

In higher doses:

  • Smooth sedating and relaxing effect

So no wonder the green Malay kratom has become so popular. As it becomes more and more popular, a question that was raised by many of the users is what the best form to take it is? Disputes are mostly going on the topic whether crushed leaf is better that leaf powder.

What is best of the two variants?

In order to say which the best there is a need to name all the differences between them. But even when to name all the differences between them you will see that the difference between crushed leaf and powder is no so crucial and it really depend on what you like most, what form you are most comfortable with and what will you choose. The good news is that even when you choose crushed leaf over powder and then find out it does not suit you, you can always turn crushed leaf into powder yourself as it is very easy.

So what is the difference after all?

Today we will be discussing the main differences between green Malay crushed leaf and Malay leaf powder and the most important of them are:

  • A slight difference in quality and potency
  • A slight difference in absorption time
  • A great difference in intake method
  • Dosage differences
  • Alternative ways to use crushed leaf

First and foremost, each and every one of you will be wondering whether there is a crucial difference in quality and potency between crushed leaf and leaf powder. Well, to be honest, the answer is that there is a slight difference. Of course the quality of the product you take always depends on whether the vendor you buy it from is reliable or not, so always be sure to acquire your product from a very reliable kratom vendor. Also there is a slight difference in potency, as crushed leaf will be a bit more potent that the leaf powder, due to the fact that during the process of turning leaf into powder some particles of the alkaloids will be destroyed so the powder will be slightly less potent, but not so much for you to feel a great difference between them.

Another issue everybody is interested in is absorption time. But it is a must to say that absorption time depends on the intake method. So there are two main methods of intaking crushed leaf:

  • Smoking
  • Making tea

And a couple of methods to use powder:

  • Eat it as it is
  • Consume it in capsules
  • Make a resign out of it
  • Make an enchanted powder out of it
  • Make a tincture out of it
  • Make a water-based solution out of it

So the absorption time really depend: smoking is the fastest method for absorption and tea drinking is the slowest, the rest are moderate. About the dosage: it is exactly the same both for crushed leaf and powder:

  • About 2-7gr for beginners
  • Up to 15-17gr for advanced users

An alternative method to use crushed leaf was mentioned above: if you change your mind about crushed leaf you can always turn in into powder.