All You Need To Know About Kratom Strains And Extracts

Here is all you need to know about the various Kratom strains, their effects and dosage, in order to make an effective decision based on their exclusive and unique properties:

The Miraculous Bali Kratom Strain

Contrary to what the name implies, this strain is actually grown in Borneo and takes its name after Bali because it is shipped out to the world from ports in Bali. This strain is unique and rare in its miraculous healing capabilities, and there are a lot of similarities found between this and the Borneo strain.

This is a natural analgesic, or pain reliever, which is widely used by arthritis patients. If taken in the right amount, it has a unique relaxing ability that has an amazing effect on the mood. It can tend to create sensations of euphoria, and mild invigoration of the body. It will help you in eliminating all stress and anxieties from your mind.

The recommended dosage for this strain is 5grams.

The Competent Strain Of Maeng Da Kratom at wekratom

The Maeng Da is indeed one of the most popular and widely used strains because of its intensely strong and powerful capabilities. Originating in Thailand, this strain is a natural mood up-lifter that energizes the body and invigorates the mind. Its productivity enhancing capabilities eliminate the need for caffeine in order to stay active.

Even though the Maeng Da is the strongest of all strains, its effects don’t last very long. However, you do not require a big dose to achieve the desired effects as even the smallest dose of this strain can be very powerful and intense. However, if you want to use this strain as a pain reliever, you will have to take a higher dose to achieve the sedation effect. In order to achieve a more balanced and mild effect, you can mix it with other strains. The recommended dosage is 4grams.

The Maeng Da is widely celebrated for eliminating stress and anxiety, and leaving a calm and peaceful effect.

The Red bali Kratom Strain

The Red bali Kratom is the oldest, traditional kratom that has very powerful and strong sedative properties. Found in the Mitragyna Speciosa tree that grows in the island of Borneo, this drug is a natural pain reliever and detoxifier.

Indeed, the Red bali is the most relaxing of all strains available, and it provides its users a calming and peaceful effect. The sedation effect is prolonged, and regardless of your drug tolerance and substance abuse history, this strain is guaranteed to provide you a long, sound slumber.

With a strong strain like the Red bali, the ‘Less is More’ theory always applies as even the smallest dose of 1 gram can provide a pleasant effect. To enjoy a mild experience, you should limit your dosage to 3-5 grams, however, if you want more intense relaxation, the dosage can be increased to 5-10 grams.

The Popular White Vein Indo Kratom Strain

This strain is known to be a powerful stimulant and mood enhancer. Indeed, it is the most euphoria-inducing and stimulating of all strains. By increasing the cognitive capabilities of the brain, it enhances focus and concentration and positively enhances the mood to make you happy and jubilant.

If you are having a long, exhausting day at work, forget coffee and take the white vein indo strain, it will make you alert, focused and it will boost your performance. The recommended dosage is 5grams, however, it is advisable not to take this strain before sleeping and it will lead to a lack of sleep.

The Effective White Vein Thai Kratom Strain

The white vein Thai is a powerful stimulant that induces a euphoric effect, and instantly elevates the mood. It is a natural energizer, and it will give a fresh burst of energy to speed up your productivity and enhance your cognitive capabilities.

This strain is will give you truly exciting ecstatic experience due to its strong alkaloid content. Although this strain is not considered an effective pain reliever, it is still very popular among users who enjoy mild and instant stimulation. If you are looking for a mild and natural stimulation effect without experiencing any reverse effects, this is your ideal strain.

The white vein Thai is perfect to counter the melancholy and stress accompanied by depression and anxiety, and it has emerged as a popular antidepressant.  The recommended dosage for this strain is 3-5 grams or 2-3 tablespoons.

The Efficient Gold Reserve Kratom Extract

This intense strain is extremely popular among users for its fast onset and prolonged effects. It produces an effect of contentment and tranquillity, and with its 90% pure alkaloid content, you do not need a strong dose to achieve the desired effect.

Users are recommended to limit their dosage to a half gram-1 gram as an overdose will cause great anxiety, perplexities and irritation.

The Unique Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract

Indo Kratom is powerful strain contains pure alkaloids that provide a strong feeling of euphoria, self-confidence and motivation. If you require stimulation, the dosage must be low, however, to achieve the relaxation and sedation effect, the dosage should be increased. This strain is indeed one of the strongest pain relievers, and the best treatment for opiate addiction and withdrawal. It is advisable to keep the dosage between half a gram and 1 gram.

The Potent Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Extract

The ultra-enhanced Maeng Da extract is actually a highly concentrated, more potent and effective form of the Maeng Da strain, which is extracted after adding back 99% of the Maeng Da Alkaloids to the Maeng Da leaves. This extract acts as a strong stimulator and a powerful painkiller.

It is famous among patients suffering from arthritis, and a dosage less than 1 gram will prove to be necessary with this intense strain.

The Powerful Ultra Enhanced Red bali Extract

This strain stays true to its name, and provides the powerful sedating and pain relieving properties of the red bali extract in an ultra-enhanced way. This is a power house drug and low doses are highly recommended. It is best to limit the dosage between 1 gram and less.